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An Independent Security Consulting company which assists Homeowners Associations, Body Corporates, Businesses and Individuals in ways to improve their security and reduce their costs, whilst providing a safe and secure environment for their families and employees.

"Some of the ingredients to our success include honesty, integrity, quality, expertise, professionalism and service."



JSA offers a list of professional services to Body Corporates and Homeowner's Associations, Security Estates, Property Developers, PSIRA Registered Security companies and selected Corporate and Individual clients throughout South Africa.


Off-Site Monitoring offers you the peace of mind of 24-hour surveillance of your essential day to day systems and security. This independent company, not only offers early warning and detection of security threats and system failures but also assists in auditing all service providers including reaction and guarding companies.

  • Off-site monitoring of CCTV cameras removes the human factor and inevitable risk from your security strategy.

  • Providing the capacity of placing surveillance in multiple locations and monitoring simultaneously.

  • Providing security and monitoring systems with scope to automate information and observe potential criminal activity in the most financial sensible way.

JSA Security Consulting is an Authorised OSM Dealer.

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We assist and advise customers on  how to increase their security while reducing costs. However, the words "cheap" and "security" should never be used in the same sentence. 

  • Contract Management of existing security services and applications (analysing costs vs services vs value),

  • Detailed site inspections and risk assessments,

  • Analysis of security systems, procedures and manpower,

  • Preparation of tender documentation and processes,

  • Procurement of armed response, guarding and paramedical services,

  • Design of gate-houses, perimeter protection, access and egress control, CCTV and communication equipment,

  • Design and implementation of site specific security policies, procedures and job descriptions,

  • Physical security requirements and grading of officers,

  • On-site training and support for security staff,

  • Project management of new installations or security upgrades.

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We examine what companies are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are 

doing it best in their respective fields. 

We strategise using knowledge, experience, smart tools and reputable resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. 

We assist with the implementation and management of your security systems, guarding services, service providers and procedures by actively dealing with the service providers and ensuring that client expectations are being met.

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JSA Security Consulting is an independent security consultancy, specialising in a variety of services .

The company was launched with the vision of supplying honest, practical and cost-effective security advice to the needs of organisations and individuals alike, and as a result of own past experiences within the Security Industry.

Through conscious effort and over 35 years industry experience, we proactively assist in the identification of risks and threats, and the  implementation and management of equipment and services placed at our clients' premises.

We recognised the ever-increasing  frustrations and complexity existing in the security industry today, with the demand for reliable service providers. As a result, our objective is to work closely with our customers to understand their expectations and to build a personal business relationship with them, in order to assist them with the acquisition of security equipment and services.

"Some of the ingredients to our success include honesty, integrity, quality,

expertise, professionalism and service."

Offering these seldom-seen benefits to our customers means more than a willingness to "just try" to deliver a service.  It also means that as a provider we are more actively engaged in partnerships with our suppliers, who are leading Service Providers, Manufacturers, and Installers, whom we have an understanding and business relationship with.

Our intention is to become a partner with our customers as their preferred providers of Security Consulting Services.  Through our extensive networks and resources, we are able to provide the highest levels of advice, products and services to ensure the kind of suppliers that add value to our customers.  Companies and individuals are unique in their requirements and our goal is to be fluid in our response to the needs expressed by our customers.

Over the years and through numerous discussions with clients, colleagues and associates from various fields within the Security industry and we noticed the same frustration was mentioned continuously –  POOR SERVICE!

At JSA Security Consulting, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge and unrivaled, traditional, “old school” Service.




If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Should our services benefit you, we will gladly supply you with a written  proposal, which will outline our scope of work, our schedule to complete the work, and an estimate of the costs for consulting fees and expenses.

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